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Track: Stages in Dementia Progression

Stages in Dementia Progression


The Reisberg scale is employed to point dementia progression. If the person has no loss of memory and if he or she is mentally stable and healthy, i.e., a normal person, is claimed to be in no cognitive stage of the syndrome. The stage 2 or very mild cognitive decline has no evident symptoms, due to ageing the forgetfulness, which is the common symptom emerges during this stage. During the third stage i.e., mild cognitive decline stage people experience increased forgetfulness, and face difficulty in analyzing words. Stage 4 or moderate cognitive decline includes severe symptoms like decrease in concentration, and therefore the person faces difficulty in taking care of them individually. In stage 5 or moderately severe cognitive decline people have difficulties in completing tasks and on some people, they start to withdraw themselves from social activities. Next is that the middle dementia where the people tend to forget the recent memory activities. The last stage is that they need no ability to speak or communicate. They completely require human help and care.