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Dementia Conference

Lilia Rosenfeld

RAMBAM Health Care Campus, Israel

Title: Medical care for seniors from the careers' point of view


Background: The aging of the population presents modern Western society with a variety of different challenges, especially in the areas of health and medicine. On the one hand, there is the demand of the elderly patients to receive medical treatments that are supposed to prevent the extension of a life without quality, with suffering and pain. On the other hand, aging is accompanied by the appearance and exacerbation of chronic illnesses, reduces the treatment benefits of medical activities and increases the risks of irreversible physical dependence. Furthermore, the lack of consensus among the physicians regarding the willingness of treatment and the proper timing of the treatment of the elderly – pose questions about the quality of the treatment for the elderly; Thus, in the opinion of different care-providers the elderly do not enjoy the treatment advantages of medical activities proven in the treatment of other age groups in society. 
Methods: For the purpose of the performance of the present research study, use was made of the qualitative research method. The research instrument is a focus group. Results: The general attitude of the caregivers regarding the quality of the medical care provided in Israel is positive. In contrast, most of the participants in the research study express negative attitudes towards the medical and nursing care of the elderly in general and dementia patients in particular. Conclusion: The main position of the research participants is that the elderly do not receive appropriate care. Moreover, the manner of the care provided for them harms their dignity, does not suit their needs, and does not take into consideration their desires. It is necessary to extend the research study and to examine the topic among a larger population of nurses who provide care for the elderly dementia patients in different institutions.


Lilia Rosenfeld is a nurse with 20 years of experience caring for people, especially the elderly. Lilia currently works in an intensive care unit at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel. She is conducting her current research as part of her doctoral studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, under the supervision of Dr hab. Prof. UAM Hanna Mamzer.