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Dementia Conference

Lior Molcho

Neurosteer Inc, USA

Title: Evaluation of cognitive decline in seniors using a single-channel EEG with auditory cognitive assessment


Background: Cognitive decline remains highly underdiagnosed. Machine-learning based EEG features offer a noninvasive, low-cost approach for identifying cognitive decline. However, most studies use cumbersome multi-electrode systems. Recent studies characterize cognitive decline using data from a single EEG channel. 

Methods: Participants were recorded using a single-channel EEG while performing an auditory cognitive assessment. MMSE-scores were used to designate groups: healthy-risk (MMSE 24-27), and healthy (MMSE 28-30). Three novel features, VC9, ST4, and A0, previously extracted from a different dataset to avoid overfitting, and showed association to cognitive activity, were analyzed

Results: MMSE scores correlated to RTs and accuracy during performance of cognitive tasks. The healthy group shows higher accuracy scores and lower RTs compared to the healthy-risk group. A0 and ST4 shows significant separation between the groups when looking at the differences between rest and cognitive tasks, which may indicate a difference in resting-state activity for individuals with lower initial MMSE scores. Importantly, no significant differences were found between visits, indicating low within-patient variability, increasing the validity of the measurements 

Conclusion: This study successfully demonstrated the ability to assess cognitive states with an easy-to-use single-channel EEG using an auditory cognitive assessment. The short set-up time and novel ML-features enable objective assessment of cognitive states. Potential usefulness of this tool for detection of cognitive decline on a large scale in every clinic should be further explored.


Lior is a Neuroscientist with +5 years of experience in the biomedical industry as a clinical trials manager. The main research focus is studying brain activity patterns of cognition, and specifically neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline, and develop functional biomarkers using a single-channel EEG. Lior completed her M.Sc in Neuroscience at the Sagol School of Neuroscience in Tel-Aviv University, investigating novel neural therapy methods, specializing in stroke. During her academic studies and working experience, she has acquired a strong background in neuroscience as well as experience in a clinical work environment and has since published various papers in the field.