Virtual Conference
Dementia Conference

Santiago Restrepo

Corporación Universitaria Americana, Colombia

Title: Health and Wellness In The Midst Of Covid-19, An Emotional Relationship


The Covid-19 outbreak has caused fear, the growing number of patients and suspected cases, and the increasing number of cities and countries affected by outbreaks have sparked public concern about the possibility of becoming infected. In several countries it can be seen that fear is increasing. We will address important issues that revolve around public health and mental health. The chapter was developed from a research results review perspective where the results of published research on Covid-19 between 2019 and 2020 are analyzed, systematized and integrated, in order to account for progress and development trends around this matter. The future is difficult to anticipate due to this COVID pandemic that continues to grow in many countries despite vaccines and advances in medicine. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, the WHO declares a global pandemic with a health emergency on all continents as of January 30, 2020. Chen, Liang, Li, Guo, Fei, Wang, He, Sheng, Cai, Li, Wang and Zhang (2020) carried out a psychological treatment addressing three parties: the medical team with common psychological problems; advice on how to support the psychological problems of patients and finally how to manage their own stress. On the other hand, they worked only with medical personnel who care for people with Covid-19 and its effects on psychological problems. In the end, early strategies are proposed that aim to prevent and treat indirect injuries in medical personnel and the general public.


Santiago Restrepo Garizabal, Psychologist, specialist in Organizational Psychology, Master's degree in Neuropsychology (Colombia), Doctor of Neuroscience (Argentina) and post-doctorate in Sciences (Mexico), currently a student in his second post-doctorate in Education (Brasil). Trained in administration, Quality Auditor (ISO Standards), trained in Neurocoaching and NLP by Neuro Strategies. He is currently a researcher at the Corporación Universitaria Americana (Medellín - Colombia) and a professor at the Universidad de Barcelona (Spain), president of the Red Académica Intercontinental para el Desarrollo Humano, Social y Empresarial - RAIDHSE. Researcher MINCIENCIAS (Colombia), vicepresident of the Red Ecuatoriana de Mercadeo and member of FINTES (International Federation of Specialists), is certified by GLOCE (Global Certification Entrepreneurs); He is an International Evaluator Peer in the accreditation group CA-CNEIP (Mexico), among others. International speaker with a tour of Spain, Italy, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, among others. More than 15 years of experience as director and manager of Human Resources in different companies, professor and university researcher from 2000 to date. Author of articles and book chapters published in high impact magazines.